About Sizing

SuperTie neckties are 8cm at their widest to reflect today’s modern style and each one comes in three different lengths.

  • 19” is generally suitable for the gentlemen up to 5’10” tall.
  • 20.5” is generally suitable for the gentleman up to 6’2” tall.
  • 22” is generally suitable for the gentleman of 6’3” and taller.

These are general guidelines only. A necktie should hang just to your belt buckle. Measuring the distance between the top button of your shirt and your belt buckle will indicate which length you should select.

To be absolutely doubly sure of the measurement, you can take a common traditional necktie and go through the minor rigmarole of putting on and tying said common traditional necktie. Get it so that it sits right. Loosen the common traditional necktie and remove it without untying the knot. The measurement from the top of the knot to the tip of the tie will tell you which tie length you should go for.