About Us

You can be sure of presenting yourself as a man of style and substance when you wear our neckties. Our mission is to make you look good, simple as that. After all, who doesn’t want to look good? Your quest for sartorial perfection ends here.


by SuperTie Founder Chris Gibson

Met with the daily routine of preparing my necktie to present myself to legal colleagues and clients at a successful Edinburgh-based law firm, I decided I'd had enough of this cumbersome process. I was tired of this time-consuming, mundane and somewhat emasculating business, having to tie a tie. Little did I know that thousands of men suffer the same pain on a daily basis - the affliction of bad tie syndrome.

Determined to find a better, more convenient and stylish alternative to make our lives easier and our appearance vastly improved, the concept of SuperTie was born. Based on the as yet little-known invention of the zippertie, or zipper tie, we set about to develop and improve our product to a far higher specification.  This is so much more than a clip on tie, fulfilling a similar function without the sense of being cheap or vulgar: quite the opposite. An ideal choice of gift for Christmas, father's day or valentine's, we envisage the appeal of SuperTie to extend much further. Every discerning fashion conscious man should want to buy a SuperTie necktie for himself.

3 years on, and with a lot of hard work — twinned with support from family, friends, colleagues, investors and the business community at large — I believe I have delivered the first instalment of our vision with a range of outstanding silk ties, wool ties and tartan ties. And there is so much more to come...


SuperTie is revolutionising neckwear for men and tie fashion.

The necktie tie has an interesting history. From Terracotta warriors to Croatian Mercenaries to the 30 Years War, it is a longstanding accessory. The traditional "long" ties we are all familiar with have been around for well over 120 years. These classic neckwear ties have gone through subtle changes and styles since the late 1800's, but generally have remained consistent in terms of look, fashion and cultural use. Here at SuperTie Heights, we've decided that the necktie needs reinvigorated and refashioned.

Tying a necktie can not only be time-consuming but also irritating and it can ultimately fail to enhance your aspirational appearance. A significant number of men actually hate tying ties - and with good reason. The human race strives for excellence and the tools to make our lives better and easier - the iPod, the slip-on shoe, the Blackberry, the SuperTie...

A necktie so clever, and so smart (in more ways than one), you'll wonder how you ever did without it.

The perfect knot, the perfect length, the perfect look. In seconds. Everything a traditional necktie can not guarantee.

But we aren't here to condemn the traditional necktie. Neckties are our inspiration.

We do not intend to replace the traditional necktie. Rather, we're here to offer an alternative that is perfectly in tune with today's fast-paced societal demands, brilliantly considered and seriously stylish. A "Super Tie" if you will.