What Is SuperTie?

Welcome to the necktie revolution. Welcome to SuperTie.

If you take pride in your appearance then you’ll love SuperTie neckties. With our bold and exciting range there’s a design for every occasion and you will always look the part. What’s more, you will never again be troubled with the fuss and faff of having to tie your tie. Ideal when you're in a rush and ideal when you're not. SuperTie neckties are perfect every time.

SuperTie neckwear is built on the magic of PerfecTie Technology: an ingeniously designed zip mechanism housed inside the most immaculate of knots. The zip runs along both sides of the collar, feeding through this mechanism and down the back blade of the tie.

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Our neckties are made from the finest quality silks and wools, and are engineered to the highest standard. We use premium YKK zips, built to last. PerfecTie Technology means excellence of design as well as innovation in fashion.

One collar size fits all and with three choices of length your SuperTie necktie will always hit the ideal mark — hanging to belt buckle level.

Using our ties couldn’t be easier. So why knot?

While we were doing these interviews during the Edinburgh Festival, we also bumped into Clarke Peters (Detective Lester Freamon from HBO's The Wire). Click here to find out what he had to say about neckties and the newest and most exciting introduction to that market.